Liv(in) Sessions With Omonblanks #34 – Wana Udobang

Liv(in) Sessions / Feb. 15th, 2021

Wana Udobang is a Nigerian storyteller working in the intersection of writing, poetry, performance, film and curation. Currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Documented: 7th July 2020

This is an ongoing series, watch out for more.

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  1. Toyin Ajao says:

    Interesting conversation! So much to unpack from the topic of ego, class, vulnerability, body image, movement and so forth. So much to reflect on!

    Thanks for touching on the topic of survival Wana. It sure changes us but as Omoblanks says, it traps us also. I recall how anger was a well-honed surviving mechanism until it started affecting my intra- and interpersonal relationships in the most destructive ways. Then I realised the insidious nature of unprocessed and unresolved trauma can dictate how life pans out. But being in the awareness that survival isn’t a holistic way of being, I am still unfolding in my truth. With awareness, life is a canvas and you are the painter.

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