ELi A Free: “Untitled” The Artist Concert- The Cube SE3 EP1

Music, The Artist Concert / Sep. 12th, 2022

“2017 Archival Footage”

The Artist Concert, Season 3 EP1 sees us host artist ELi A Free

The Artist Concert is a social experiential experiment by Omonblanks that fused art, design, music and human interaction.

The concerts operate as non-conventional experiential spaces where artists are made to reveal emotions they might normally hide during performances. For our first series we designed a cube space which, because of space and distance, demands that the musicians be highly intimate. This intimacy is felt through the performance and connects the artists to the audience. This in turn affects the way the audience listens to the music, which we have found creates a hybrid atmosphere that invites both the performer and audience into a new experience.

With music we give full creative freedom to the musician, to be selfish in creating a performance that is based on how they feel, what they like and experiments they have always wanted to try. They go into the performance knowing that the audience will accept whatever they give, the power is returned to the musician, this gives back agency to the musician that you can almost immediately see how they switch from working to serve the audience into enjoying the performance for themselves.

With Art we allow the contemporary visual artist integrate into the design and music, they become silently the piece linking the three forms into a full experience.

“I would say in those years, the experience was one of an artist who was daring to fail” ELi A Free.

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