Three Black Men: SAVE THE DATE! ACCRA!

Blog, Founder’s Note / Nov. 8th, 2023


This project brings together three visionary Black leaders-Resmaa Menakem, Bayo Akomolafe and Orland Bishop. In 2023, Resmaa, Bayo and Orland have been sharing space and convening community gatherings in which they guide collective inquiry into liberation in our world.

To dream our futures into being, we need an emancipatory space of healing, exploration and discovery. The Three Black Men project traces the Transatlantic slave route in reverse, with public events in cities on each man’s home continent.

The journey began in June in Los Angeles , USA moved in August to Salvador, Brazil, and is now on its way to Accra, Ghana for a series of experiences and aimed at the black community, with conversation looking deeply into Trauma, Ritual and the Promise of the Monstrous. These are not one-off events- each is part of a continuous conversation unfolding.

Our guiding questions in this project are: How will we meet the crises of our times? How might we respond in ways we have not yet imagined?

These Three Black Men invite us to join them in Accra as they sense into emergent possibilities that speak to what we need now, triangulating toward a synthesis of new forms, new magic and new directions.

Along with their reflections and teachings, the joyful gatherings will incorporate art, song, dance, rituals and deep care, inquiry practices and small group conversations.

With sunlight and wind on our faces, we look forward toward the December gatherings in Accra. Please join us!

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This is The Three Black Men: A Journey into Magical Otherwise.

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