Why Is Man Head Of The Family?

Conversation Series, Film / Nov. 30th, 2020

Why Is Man Head Of The Family? A Conversation moderated by Omonblanks with Hector Abulu, Peter Igbinadion, Giwa-Osagie Taiwo, Duke Asemota, Ejiro Barrett and Esele Omonhinmin.

“It was important for me to have my first documented conversation on patriarchy in Benin City where I was born and raised, where I was first introduced to the idea of the man being the head of the family, same place I was taught to be fearless and where I began to question the idea presented that men are the head of the family. I am glad to invite you to the first of a series of conversations on patriarchy. Grateful that these men were kind enough to share their time and thoughts on this topic with me” Omonblanks.

The Art Concept (TAC-Org) started the Conversation Series as an avenue for in-depth critique of who we are as a people, what we do, our space and how we live in the communities we find ourselves.

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  1. Elo Agwa says:

    It all started with the idea of the show of strength whether mental or physical. Women were conceived and nutured to be seen as the weaker sex, traditional relevations through unproven divinities casted women as not fit to rule as kings and modern civilisation through science and theories portrayed men as mentally stronger fit to be kings, a deity who is only worthy to be called a god (Nigerian ideology)because they were raised not be emotional. Hence should be head and the woman never fought to be seen as equals not until now. I think this conversation should be talked about in the midst of women. In a nutshell men made this rules for men and the women accepted.

    • theartconceptorg says:

      Your points are very valid. History though has showed us even till date that there are cultures were women ruled, even in Nigeria, Queen Amina from present day Zaria till date is arguably the most powerful and influential leader in military and governance where she is from. There are still cultures that uphold women as leaders, superior and equal to men, even though in the most recent years men have designed a society that present men as superior. As for deities and African spirituality, various spiritual practices actually present women as deities and priests, beyond that, in some of our cultures you can see gender fluidity, it is modern religion, capitalism and politics through the introduction of islam, christianity and the illegal transatlantic slave trade that brought about the ideas of man being the head and that like so many influences that are within today’s culture were brought in by foreign entities for the purpose of control. Lastly we felt it was important to start this conversation with men, as it is an ongoing conversation we will have several with women and with a mixed group to capture as much as we can on this topic.Thank you so much for your feedback, keep them coming.

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