Between The Space Of Knowing and The Unknown: 01

Blog, Founder’s Note / Nov. 13th, 2020

Will my work bring joy to those before me, those after me and current? Am I working to keep the train moving? 

You can always find me between the space of knowing and the unknown, the freedom that comes with searching and being stagnant. Confined to an idea “knowing” once you know, do you stop searching? I am searching for no truth, no defined knowledge, to be Black comes with definitions that don’t even come close to defining who I am and yet I am Black, so I continue my search as to not be stagnant and accepting of what that means or “they say I am”.

As I move as a person, Black, African, West African, Nigerian, Esan, “these labels” don’t define my footprints, I am not just human, I am also spirit, a traveller, child to my parents, brother to my siblings, nephew to my aunties and uncles, the list of who I am is never-ending. Did I tell you that I have spent a majority of my life from 2013-2020 in Ghana? It takes 10 years to nationalise in Ghana, so technically am I almost Ghanaian? Even if you argue against that, my partner is Ghanaian, Jamaican and British, what I am now and am becoming daily is way bigger than your very narrow way of seeing me.

How does one seek advancement for their people? How do we begin to do justice within our search for freedom for a society that still holds people captive, still makes people feel unseen. This is where we are, a “Black man” steps out of his home to fight for Black equality and yet reigns supreme at home, what equality is he searching for?

How do I function trying to be a better man within a patriarchy society? A patriarchy society that has made life somewhat comfortable for me as a man, but yet painful as I seek inclusion, change. What I seek becomes a burden and that burden I must carry. Selecting when to denounce and announce, I live a contradicted life. To function better as a man within a patriarchy society is to know that at the end patriarchy does me more harm than good. We can never be free in this physical world, but we can be kind, peaceful, respectful, loving and inclusive.

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