Adekunle, The Journey So Far | by moshood

Once Upon A Time / Mar. 30th, 2021

First impressions, to many, hold a great deal of significance; therefore becoming a matter of some importance to make sure that they leave an impressive effect.

In different ways, as a first impression. It’s titled Adekunle, after the Ghana-based Nigerian musician, Kunle, whose musical journey is the film’s subject.

Adekunle is a journey on several other fronts, too: from the all too familiar story of an African artist starting out their dream-pursuit under conditions of struggle to the artist finding creative succour of some sort somewhere abroad.

It also falls into the long line of musical history between two West African countries – Ghana and Nigeria, with the former, in this context, having the capacity to provide both hostility and hospitality to the Nigerian musician and their dreams.

Adekunle, the documentary, is like meeting Kunle for the first time and having a set period of a quarter-hour to speak with him. He spends just about all the time telling you the story of his musical odyssey. And just when the allotted time is almost up, when you’re wondering why this musician’s talk has been all about his music and he’s still yet to properly introduce you to the music itself, you find out that he had it planned out all along – to save the music for last. And so it is that you get a full performance of one of his songs to close out the session.

Press play on this documentary to decide for yourself if this first impression creates a lasting, impressive impression.


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